Unprotocols RFC

Unprotocols RFC is a repository for universal, cross-project protocols used in software development, ranging from workflow to technical ones.

It has started as a new home for C4 and COSS protocols to elevate their prominence and articulate their usefulness outside of the original projects' boundaries. More protocols are welcome to join this project.

You can start contributing by sending a pull request to https://github.com/unprotocols/rfc on GitHub.


  • A specification SHOULD be created and modified by pull requests according to RFC 1/C4
  • Specification lifecycle SHOULD follow the lifecycle defined in RFC 2/COSS
  • Specification SHOULD use GPL v3 or a later version of the license
  • Specification SHOULD use RFC 2119 key words.
  • Non-cosmetic changes are allowed only on Raw and Draft specifications.

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